The All-In-One School Transportation Management Solution

Unlock the power of streamlined school transportation and revenue generation with BusBuddy. Enhance safety, communication, and productivity with our Operations Management solution, while maximizing advertising revenue through our Ad Management platform.

Modern Bus Management

Our lightweight and modern software provides real-time bus tracking, detailed reporting, and efficient management tools for school districts to streamline their transportation operations and enhance student safety.

Realtime Bus Tracking

Keep track of your fleet and riders with BusBuddy's real-time bus tracking system.

Bus Fleet Management

Efficiently manage and optimize your bus fleet operations with our powerful and user-friendly software, ensuring the safety and timely transportation of students.

Detailed Reporting

Get a comprehensive and precise overview of your transportation operations with our cutting-edge reporting tools, allowing you to identify and address any inefficiencies quickly and confidently.

Rapid Deployment

With BusBuddy's ability to run on any internet-connected device and our rapid data integration process, our team will have your organization's transportation operations running smoothly in weeks, not months.

Data Security

BusBuddy utilizes the same advanced encryption technology trusted by governments and banks to ensure that sensitive information remains safe and protected at all times.

Exclusive Features

BusBuddy goes beyond the basics with unique features that set us apart. Benefit from innovative solutions that simplify administrative tasks, foster efficient trip planning, and facilitate seamless communication.

On Board View for Bus Routes

Built for Every Bus

BusBuddy is designed to work with any bus, regardless of make, model, or age, and it's powered by any internet-connected mobile device.

No Special Hardware Required

Our innovative software runs off of any internet-connected mobile device, providing a secure and cost-effective solution without the need for any pre-configured hardware.

Bus Agnostic

Never worry about a bus being out of service again - our bus agnostic solution allows Bus Drivers to seamlessly switch to a different bus without any interruption in tracking.

Data Saving Technology

BusBuddy utilizes advanced compression techniques to minimize the amount of data it sends and receives, without sacrificing performance.

For Parents and Guardians

Stay connected with your child's school transportation like never before. Our user-friendly parent app provides real-time updates on bus location, arrival time, and personalized information, so you can be confident that your child is safe and on schedule.

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Rider Safety

With real-time bus tracking and advanced safety features, you can rest easy knowing your child is in good hands on their journey to and from school.

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Free Mobile App

Download the free BusBuddy mobile app to access the school bus tracking system on the go, making it easy to stay informed about your child's transportation.

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Accurate Alerts

Parents and guardians receive Notifications when the Bus is leaving the Stop before their Rider's, when the bus is arriving, when their child gets on or off the bus, or if there are any delays or cancellations.

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Enhanced Communication

Access to communication tools that allow parents and guardians to easily contact the school or transportation department with any questions or concerns they may have.

Parent View

Transparent Pricing

We are proud to offer affordable and straightforward pricing unlike other companies that hide their pricing behind complex contracts and hidden fees. By partnering with BusBuddy, schools can expect transparency, reliability, and affordability all in one package.

Features Include:
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Real Time GPS Bus Tracking
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Bus Fleet Management
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Field Trip Requests + Planning
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Manual Student Ridership Tracking
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Automated Notifications for Parents and School Officials
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Communication tools for parents and school officials
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Easy-to-use App for Everyone
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Dedicated Partner Success Manager
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All Starter Features Plus:
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Automated Student Ridership Tracking with Scan on / Scan off technology
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Turn by Turn Navigation and Route optimization
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Ability to create Multiple Divisions within an organization
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Fleet Maintenance Capabilities (Work Orders, Inventory, Scheduled Maintenance, Vehicle Inspections, Mechanic Requests)
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At No Extra Cost
*for participating School districts
All Guardians Benefit From:
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Access To The BusBuddy Mobile App
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Location Based Notifications And Customized Alerts
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Absent Rider Reporting And Management
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Unlimited Riders Per Guardian Account
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Messaging To Communicate With School Officials
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Real Time Rider Tracking
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Complete Control Of Rider's Personal Data
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Live Support Through The App
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Vehicle Advertisement Infrastructure

BusBuddy Ad Manager is a comprehensive, user-friendly platform designed to help school districts efficiently manage and monetize the advertising space on their vehicle fleets. By integrating advanced technology and streamlined processes, BusBuddy Ad Manager offers a seamless solution for generating additional revenue while minimizing administrative effort.

Zero Upfront Fees

School districts can start generating revenue from their ad space immediately, without any initial financial outlay. This makes it accessible and risk-free.

One-Time Set-Up

The platform requires only a one-time setup process, ensuring quick and easy integration with existing systems. This allows for efficient management of ad space and consistent revenue generation without ongoing setup efforts.

Automatic Payments

BusBuddy Ad Manager handles all payments on behalf of the school district. This centralized payment processing system ensures transparency, security, and efficiency, significantly reducing the administrative burden on the district's finance department.

Increased Buyer Knowledge

The platform generates impressions data and displays route areas, providing potential advertisers with valuable insights into the reach and visibility of their ads. This detailed information helps attract more advertisers by demonstrating the effectiveness of placing ads on school buses.

AI Ad Approval

Featuring BusBuddy AI, the platform automatically approves or denies ad media submissions. This AI-driven ad approval process ensures that all advertisements comply with the district's standards and guidelines, saving valuable time and effort for board members and staff.

Comprehensive Reporting

BusBuddy Ad Manager offers detailed reporting and analytics tools that track ad performance, revenue generation, and buyer engagement. This feature provides school districts with actionable insights to optimize ad strategies and maximize revenue potential.

Maximizing Value for School Districts

Unlock New Revenue Streams and Streamline Operations with BusBuddy Ad Manager

Revenue Generation

BusBuddy Ad Manager empowers school districts to unlock the potential of their school bus fleets by monetizing empty ad space, providing a reliable and steady income stream to support educational initiatives and programs.


With its automated processes and centralized management, BusBuddy Ad Manager streamlines ad management tasks, reducing administrative workload and freeing up valuable time and resources for other essential district operations.

Transparency and Security

By offering centralized payment handling and AI-driven ad approval, BusBuddy Ad Manager ensures clear, secure, and compliant operations, providing peace of mind for both school districts and advertisers.

Attractiveness to Advertisers

BusBuddy Ad Manager provides detailed insights into ad performance and reach,  offering potential advertisers valuable data to make informed decisions. This transparency enhances the attractiveness of the ad space on school buses, attracting more advertisers and maximizing revenue potential for school districts.

Shared Revenue Pricing Model

Under our shared revenue pricing model, BusBuddy and School Districts collaborate closely to maximize advertising revenue while mitigating financial risk. This partnership-driven approach aligns incentives, incentivizes performance, and promotes transparency, ensuring a mutually beneficial and sustainable revenue-sharing arrangement.

Aligned Incentives and Incentivized Performance

The shared revenue pricing model fosters a partnership mindset between BusBuddy and School Districts, with both parties directly benefiting from the success of ad campaigns. This alignment encourages collaboration, mutual commitment, and proactive efforts to optimize ad placement and maximize revenue.

Risk Mitigation and Financial Flexibility

By sharing revenue, the financial risk is spread between BusBuddy and the School District, mitigating the impact of fluctuations in advertising demand or market conditions. This approach provides stability and predictability in revenue generation, allowing School Districts to benefit from ad revenue without upfront costs or ongoing expenses.

Transparent Accountability

The shared revenue model promotes transparency and accountability through clear, agreed-upon metrics and performance indicators. This transparency builds trust and fosters a collaborative, productive partnership between BusBuddy and School Districts.

Long-Term Sustainability

The shared revenue model encourages a long-term partnership approach, with both BusBuddy and School Districts having a vested interest in sustaining and growing ad revenue. This commitment to mutual success supports the School District's financial sustainability and operational objectives

From Our Family to Yours: Ensuring Safe and Efficient School Transportation

BusBuddy Leadership Team

Lucas Tate
Founder and CEO
Chris Tate
Chief Revenue and Sales Officer

Proud NAPT Partner

At BusBuddy, we're dedicated to advancing student transportation safety and efficiency. That's why we're thrilled to be a proud business partner of the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT). As a leading trade association in the student transportation industry, NAPT shares our commitment to creating safe and effective solutions for schools and districts.

Our partnership with NAPT reflects our dedication to supporting the vibrant and diverse community of professionals and organizations who are passionate about student transportation. Together with NAPT, we work towards influencing policy-making and enhancing operational safety and administrative efficiency across the industry.

BusBuddy Booth at the 2023 NAPT Conference

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